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  • Julia Valladares

Tesis de Posgrado: Postoperative Complications in Thyroidectomy Performed at Hospital


Introduction: Specific complications of thyroid surgery include injury to the recurrent laryngeal nerve and the parathyroid glands, without being exempt from other complications such as infection of the surgical site, bleeding, surgical wound dehiscence, and others.

Methods: The present study is retrospective observational and aims to analyze the condition of thyroid surgery in the country, specifically in state hospitals in Tegucigalpa, its rate of complications and its relationship with associated factors before the procedure.

Result: A total of 92 patients undergoing thyroid surgery were studied at the Hospital Escuela and Hospital General San Felipe by reviewing the clinical record. The preoperative status, comorbidities and the surgical procedure performed were recorded and were related to the main complications mentioned above.

Conclusion: A global rate of complications related to laryngeal nerve injury of 15% and late hypocalcemia of 7% was found, which are higher than the incidences reported in international series, however these vary from 0% of recurrent laryngeal nerve injury in thyroidectomies subtotal up to 22% in radical dissections in patients with neo proliferative processes.

Keywords: Hypocalcemia; Parathyroid; Surgical complications; Thyroid; Thyroidectomy

Postoperative Complications in Thyroidectomy Performed at Hospital Escuela Universitario
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